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Janus Mask Earrings

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  • Image of Janus Mask Earrings
  • Image of Janus Mask Earrings
  • Image of Janus Mask Earrings
  • Image of Janus Mask Earrings


Invite a little drama into your life with this dainty pair of silver Janus mask earrings. These little masks dangle freely from your choice of either Onyx, Garnet, or Amethyst stud earrings. The masks are removable and the studs can also be worn on their own.

Completely hand-fabricated from .925 sterling silver sheet and wire, these charms feature detailed stamp work and careful metal-forming. The faces are shaped by hand using traditional repoussé techniques. Variance should be expected as each one is made by-hand to-order.

Each entire mask charm measures approximately 1inch long, and 5/8 inch wide.
Total length of these earrings is approximately 2.25 inches (6 cm) long.

These masks are also available as a necklace:



As with all handmade and one-of-a-kind jewelry, utmost care should be taken to keep jewelry clean and dry. Never wear your pieces while bathing, swimming, or washing dishes to avoid having them submerged in water. Bones and stones are porous and susceptible to become weak when they get wet. Metals can tarnish and lose their patinas more quickly if they get wet or washed with chemicals frequently. Also, please remove your pieces before any strenuous activities as they are fragile and parts could be knocked loose or fall out. Treat your jewelry like the unique piece of art that it is and it will remain in good condition for ages.


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This item is made to order. Please allow two weeks while I create your necklace before being shipped. Please read both my shipping and policies pages before making your purchase.